Colibri Butane Lighters: Because You Deserve Only The Best

Colibri Butane Lighters: Because You Deserve Only The Best

colibri butane lighterMany people prefer using Colibri butane lighters without regard to the high price, as compared to its regular counterparts. It’s even preferred over vaporizers powered by electricity. And why not, if the advantages are enormous? Let’s take a look at some of them.

Take it with you anywhere

It’s portable. As there is no need of electricity, you can bring this lighter anywhere. Whether you are going on camping trips or traveling around the world, it will always be available and ready to use anytime without you worrying if the place you’re going to provides electrical outlets or has access to electricity.

Odorless fumes

You will hardly notice its smell. Regular butane emits a distracting strong odor, but the Colibri refined fuel ensures that its scent will go on unnoticed. This avoids those embarrassing moments when people’s attention draw to you simply because you lit a cigar.

Free of impurities

It is free of impurities. Unpurified gases, like regular butane, affects the vapor’s flavor. That’s something you surely won’t like. The impurities can also clog up the lighter, causing it to malfunction. That’s why manufacturers recommend the use of purified butane. And beware, they won’t honor a replacement if the damage was due to the use of regular butane.

Stable temperature

You can be assured of a steady temperature during use. As a user, you know that irregularity in the temperature when vaporizing is not favorable. The burning of regular butane can be inconsistent which causes irregularity in the temperature.

Produces the strongest flame

It offers reliable heat. The flame produced is blue, the hottest type of heat. This means you don’t necessarily have to touch your cigar to the flame, as the heat is enough to light it. There’s also enough pressure to keep the light steady, saving you from the awkwardness of chasing a swaying flame.

Finally, Colibri butane lighters are proven reliable. If you are going to spend some money, you got to spend it wisely. Why experiment when there is already one that guarantees high quality and 100% satisfaction?

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Considerations Whilst Choosing a Cigar that you will Certainly Prefer

If you’re a cigar enthusiast or even if you’ve decided trying smoking a cigar, this write up is certainly for you. You are going to benefit from the information regarding the effective guidelines in choosing a cigar made available by reading the article. To accomplish this, keep reading.

Cigarette smoking has been a popular vice nowadays and that’s why cigar manufacturers are increasing in numbers to cater the demand. Currently, older, more prominent cigar family manufacturers are sharing their shelf spaces along with the newer brands. However, selecting the most suitable cigar brands from the numerous available will certainly be challenging. To help you achieve success in this endeavor, there are guidelines available for one to follow in order for you to find out the cigar brand which will fit your preferences.

Tips For Selecting A Cigar

In order to select the right cigar brand effectively, listed below are the tips that should be considered.

Tip #1:Selecting A Cigar Based On The Diameter

A great cigar must have a thick diameter which enables the smoker to hold it strongly in his hands. A premium grade cigar normally has a diameter of a 64th of an inch. Thus, a cigar grade of 32 is half of an inch thick.

You should know that the thicker cigars will often have a softer draw while the thinner cigars usually have got less than a smoother draw. In addition, the thicker the cigar, the more does the time takes to burn it off.

Tip #2:Selecting The Size That Will Be Comfortable In Your Hands

Smokers enjoy smoking cigars if this can fit comfortably in their hands. Even though it’s constantly tempting to get the biggest cigar in order to show off, you should know that this isn’t the appropriate approach to take, most importantly if you’re new to cigar smoking. Not only will you fail to experience the fun in cigar smoking nonetheless, you also will be wasting your money if you’re going to choose cigars which don’t fit comfortably in your hand.

Tip #3:Checking The Freshness

Essentially, a cigar needs to be fresh. Basically, when checking the freshness, the cigar shouldn’t in any way be dry to the touch. However, a fresh cigar has a mild oily characteristic.

Tip #4:Choosing The Cigar Based On The Price

Purchasing a cigar is not one of the inclusion to your everyday needs, it’s considered a luxury item; thus, it does rely solely on the amount you’re willing to shell out. Typically, a premium grade cigar has a prize range of 7 to 22 U.S Dollars. This depends on the size as well as the maker of it as well. Hence, prior to getting a big head, it’s ideal that you first and foremost check your bank balance since you’ll most probably be finding yourself spending more than your bargained for through the simple experimentation.

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The Ronson Jetlite: Offering Excellence And Appeal

ronson jetlite lighterA simple sturdy lighter with an elegant design is the very first thing that comes across your mind when you see a new Ronson Jetlite lighter. Making it much more enticing is the fact that it is rather inexpensive, given that it ranges in price from $3-$8. We all know that each cigar aficionado deserves a high-quality sturdy butane lighter. Look no further I dare say as the solution to this lies within the Ronson Jetlite lighter.


Compared to other more sophisticated lighters, the design of the Ronson Jetlite lighter is kind of unique. With its classic fuel lighter like flip top, the lighter doesn’t boast of having the top end elegant design but that does not in any way affect its functionality. On its exterior it has a metal surface coating along with a copper body. And on top of everything, being that it’s so inexpensive makes it a very convenient lighter to have. In addition, the fact that it is easily available in Wal-Mart stores.


The lighter is quite reliable in its functionality given that it produces that sharp blue clean flame which is characteristic of many butane lighters. However, as has been already mentioned, it uses butane aided by the added advantage that it’s refillable. Indeed these elements just go to prove that the lighter is in a league of its own in offering good and quality customer service.

Whether you happen to be sailing, or playing golf in a high wind environment, you can rest assured it’ll produce a flame since its windproof. This is exactly what smokers search for in a very good lighter. Unlike the inconsistencies with many butane lighters, you will experience minimal instances of that with this lighter. This is particularly so with its flame adjustment whereby, the lighter has the choice of medium flame and high flame range determined by the buyer’s preference.

The Ronson Jetlite lighter provides you with a lighter which is consistent, reliable, an outstanding value for your money, and offers only the very best in its service. The lighter offers an experience second to none, whether you are a cigar or even a pipe user. Furthermore, by purchasing this lighter, one is extended a year long warranty so that in the rare event of inconsistencies in performance one can send it to the manufacturer for replacement.

The lighter is quite comfortable to carry and weighty given that one could say that the lighter is constructed like a tank. Given that it has some weight to it, it tends to make it very easy to carry within your pocket comfortably without it protruding like a sore thumb. When out shopping for a lighter, it is smart to select one that is long lasting, sturdy, easy to utilize and is available within the marketplace.

What To Look For In A Good Cigar

What To Look For In A Good Cigar

Choosing a good cigar is not as easy as it sounds. If you want to know what to look for in a good cigar, then you need to continue to read this article.

Burning Makes A Difference

One of the things that makes a cigar a good cigar is the way it burns. A good cigar should not burn unevenly. If a cigar does burn unevenly, then the chances are that it was not rolled properly. If you want a good cigar, then make sure that it burns evenly. Good cigars will burn evenly all the way down.

Ash Is Also Important

A good cigar will also have firm ash. Not only should a cigar’s ash be firm, but it should also reach an inch in length. There is an exception to this rule though. Small ring gauge cigars are the exception, but any other type of cigar should have firm ash that is an inch in length. If a cigar has firm ash and it burns evenly, then there is a good chance that the cigar is a good cigar. There are a few other things that you should look for in a cigar.

Firmness Is Important

When you smoke a cigar, then it should feel firm. If the cigar is not firm, then the chances are you are not smoking a good one. Not only should a cigar feel firm in your hand and mouth, but it should also feel resilient in your mouth.  If a cigar does not feel firm or resilient, then you need to put it down and get your hands on another cigar.

How It Feels

As mentioned above a good cigar should feel firm. In general a good cigar should feel good when you hold it. Also, when you squeeze the cigar it should not break, instead it should go back to its shape when you stop squeezing it. Firmness is important, but there is such a thing as being too firm. If you grab a cigar and it feels harder than what it should be, then it probably is, thus you should find yourself another cigar to smoke.

How It Rolls

A good cigar will not be rolled too tightly. You want a cigar that has been rolled perfectly, and if a cigar has been rolled the right way, then it will be firm by not too firm. You will also want to pay attention to the foot of the cigar, because this is where you will be able to tell whether or not the cigar is overfilled.

Price Is Important

There is one more thing to look for in a good cigar and that is the price. Good cigars do not always carry a huge price tag. Prices can greatly vary, and sometimes the most expensive cigars will be of low quality, well some very inexpensive cigars may end up being some of the best cigars you have ever gotten your hands on.

Keep all of the above in mind and you will know how to choose good cigars.

A Beginner’s Guide To Cigars

A Beginner’s Guide To Cigars

Man Enjoying His CigarIn this cigar guide for beginners, we’ll take a look at how to choose cigars, and how to avoid some of the common mistakes beginners make.

Expensive doesn’t always mean good

When beginner cigar smokers purchase their first cigars, many assume that the more expensive the cigar is; the better it will taste. This is however, only partially true. Taste is entirely subjective, and some of the more expensive cigars can be too rich for many people’s palate. Also, like wine, cigars can have “bad years”. So even the high end cigars can differ vastly in quality.

Try in low quantities first

This may be stating the obvious, but it’s a genuine rookie mistake. There are many cigar smokers who buy a box of twenty-five of a certain cigar, only to discover they don’t like the taste. Buying single cigars of several different brands, until you find one you really like can be a lot cheaper, and you won’t be stuck trying to find a place to sell a box of cigars you don’t like.

Beverages can affect the taste a lot

If you like to smoke your cigar with a drink of choice, this can make a lot of difference. It can make a cigar you didn’t like taste amazing, and make one you did like taste horrible. Again, taste is subjective, but you can do a lot worse than find out what beverages experts recommend for each cigar, when you are more experienced you can experiment more on your own.

Buy from a reputable supplier

This is important because of how the cigars are stored. Tobacco is a crop, and just like any other crop it can go bad if not stored correctly. If it’s not kept at the ideal humidity and temperature for a long period of time it can seriously ruin the cigar. It could be infested with tobacco beetles or mold, as well as taste awful. Try to find out the age of the cigars and how they’ve been stored.

This concludes our short cigar guide for beginners, we hope you’ve been able to gain some useful knowledge that will help you start out.